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Winston Wong, PharmD
President, W-Squared Group

Exclusive: Amgen's New Leukemia Drug to Carry $178,000 Price Tag

(Reuters) Dec 17, 2014 - Amgen Inc on Wednesday said its new type of treatment for a deadly form of leukemia would cost about $178,000 when it becomes available on Thursday, which would make it one of the world's most expensive cancer drugs.

Commentary: When looking at the $178K price tag, it becomes a matter of relativity. It is the most expensive oncology drugs,...

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Bristol-Myers Drug Wins U.S. Approval to Treat Advanced Melanoma

(Bloomberg) Dec 22, 2014 - Bristol-Myers Squibb Co. won U.S. approval to sell its drug Opdivo for advanced melanoma, part of a line of new treatments that use patients’ immune systems against cancer.
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Two Prostate Cancer Tests 'Not Clinically Useful,' Says NICE

(Medscape Medical News) Dec 22, 2014 - The UK healthcare watchdog says that two prostate cancer tests for use in inconclusive cases do not improve diagnosis enough to justify use in clinical practice.
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News Story Commentary By Academic and Community Oncologists

Exclusive: Amgen's New Leukemia Drug to Carry $178,000 Price Tag (Reuters)

When looking at the $178K price tag, it becomes a matter of relativity. It is the most expensive oncology drugs,...posted by: Winston Wong, PharmD

Solutions Needed to Stem Cancer Costs, ASH Experts Say (Medscape Medical News)

Doesn't it still just come down to pricing will be set by whatever we will pay? As we start to lobby for the Federal...posted by: Winston Wong, PharmD

Continuing Medical Education Payments To Physicians Will Be Exposed To Sunshine (Forbes)

Interesting that it is now becoming so inclusive of every kind of payment, there is a growing sense that the more...posted by: H. Jack West, MD

Op-Ed: Don't Homogenize Health Care (New York Times)

The point the author makes are even more critical in the oncology world. Yes there is a need for standardization...posted by: Thomas Marsland, MD

Congress Fails to Act on Medicare Physician Payment Reform, SGR Repeal (ASCO in Action)

As long as necessary medical services are provided there is no political will and no economic reason to repeal...posted by: Clyde M. Jones

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